• Image of S/T LP

Track list:

Side A
1. The Clouds 01:48
2. A Host Of Sparrows 03:48
3. The Mountains 03:03
4. For All That Is Growing 02:07

Side B
5. Have I Become Hell 06:00
6. Light Conqueror 02:54
7. Blood Vessels 01:49
8. In Search Of Substance

Vinyl in gatefold cover

Additional vocals by:
Tobias Munk Tønder and Morten Kjærgaard of No Fealty
Recorded, mixed and mastered by:
Tobias Munk Tønder of Angry Music Studios
Artwork by: All Is Visual

Out on:
Grains of Sand Records
Rakkerpak Records
Angry Music Records
Dingleberry Records
The Mind Is Everything Records
Tjueto Cvlt
Desordre Ordonne